Warren Nonmus

Licenced Real Estate Agent

Warren is part of the Nonmus family which pioneered the Buderim area over 100 years ago and serviced the Sunshine Coast through business and community - with honesty and integrity throughout successive generations. This tradition of quality service, Warren enthusiastically continues through Carolans First National Real Estate, which as a family business has been servicing the Sunshine Coast for over 65 years (and positively looking forward to the next 65 years).

Prior to joining Carolans First National, Warren with his qualifications as a Real Estate Sales Professional, Project Manager, Architect and Builder - for over 12 years managed development and sales of the award winning Noosa Springs Golf Resort and Country Club development. Warren aspires to a 'win-win' for both buyer and seller through his professional personable manner and hands-on-approach to Real Estate Property.

Warren is passionate about property and wisely advises that "Every property is owned by someone and that every property will sell. The art is to recognise that the market are buyers, people like us, who are spending. Hence it is imperative to present and market the property (including its development potential) for appeal to the largest spectrum of buyers (young, old, couples, families and investors). Attaining a sale is all about skilfully negotiating the highest offer possible. Selling the dream to people is what I really enjoy - and then watching them live that dream. Wonderful!"

Warren is pleased to impart his extensive knowledge to assist you in your property's presentation, marketing and development potential - as he is only a phone call away.